Indulge in nourishing wellness lattes that are delicious, and also good for you.

Inspired by ancient philosophy from the East and the power of botanicals, we crafted the perfect coffee-free, dairy-free,
gluten-free, organic blends that will bring you the comfort and nourishment your body deserve.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy...

Free Shipping For Order Above $15

Free Shipping For Orders Above $15

Let's Get Sipping!

How to make

Making a cup of Beyond Latte is easy. Just add a teaspoon to a cup, mix with a bit of hot water, and then top with your favourite hot or frothed non-dairy milk for a perfect caffeine-free comfort. Feeling a bit creative? Here's what a few things you can experiment with Beyond Latte
  • Add to porridge.
  • Add to cookies and cake mixes.
  • Add to smoothies.
  • Add to dessert or vanilla ice cream for a spice boost.
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